15 April, 2005

So I found out about Middle East yesterday: no. that's okay, really, because I expected it. But let me say congratulations to Lauren and Amber who did get in *woo hoo!!!*

yesterday was weird, we had this guy come in who wants to lead the Global Studies program and I appreciated him because he balances out the main teacher right now for the major. But, I realized that he doesn't answer questions, likes to talk a lot, and is somewhat arrogant. Which do you really want that in a teacher? I really like his wife though, we talked during his presentation yesterday... ha ha ha.

school is becoming more and more difficult. I just hate it here. I hate the fakeness that exists and the need to be "in". it's hard because most the people I respect aren't going to be here after May. I have become so complacent and confident in my positions. Somewhere this week someone was talking about not letting your positions become who you are so you stop relying on God and sadly I have done just that...

i am in desperate need for a radical encounter with my King!

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