24 February, 2005

"All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to stand and do nothing"

That quote applies to so much that is going on today. We are learning about the Rwanda Genocide in one of my classes right now and I am amazed at the excuses people gave for not wanting to get involved. The U.S. danced around the issue - unwilling to define it as a "genocide" because if they called it such they had to move in. President Clinton could not justify going in because there was no U.S. interest there - but now many innocent people have to die for there to be interest?

The politics and heartlessness behind how the world reacted makes me want to scream! How could we let 800,000 people be slaughtered in 100 days? Screw interest – how many lives does it take to make someone stand up and say “enough!” The inhumanity of humanity makes me sick.

The U.S. side of things

Hotel Rwanda

Together these two sources give an all around view. The first is a PBS special where they examine what I call the “white” side of things. They look at the U.N, the U.S, the Red Cross and others who were involved (or should have been involved)in the genocide.

The second is the movie, places people in the center of Rwanda. It allows you to feel the fear and uncertainty that surrounded people in the country at the time. It is the Rwanda side of it all.

Sojourners' put out an essay written by Brian McLaren who saw Hotel Rwanda and raises some good questions. I agree with him on the fact that Passion of the Christ got so much hype (and to be honest I was disappointed in the film) and yet when was the last time a pastor told his congregation to go see Hotel Rwanda The church must see this film – people need to see this film. In the article McLaren writes about how it's been a week since he saw the film and yet his insides still churn. The hatred and war in this film - a hatred between cultures, ethnicities, power still exists. Yet add in religion, ideals, position - McClean recalled the words of Christ, "As you have done to the least of these...you have done it to me." And maybe that's the point of this - the world did nothing for the least of these 10 years ago and is still doing very little for them today.

The United States, in 1994, was more interested in the O.J. Simpson case then we were about the 800,000 men, women and children that were being raped, beaten and slaughtered because of their heritage. That’s just sick! What do we say? How do we justify our passivity? Albright and Clinton tired with trite apologizes and trips to Rwanda which only seemed to spit on the dead more.

Never again! This kind of evil cannot exist again. The world must not be afraid to call war war, never again can 800,000 people be murdered because of their heritage. It happened in the 1940’s and the world shouted “Never again,” yet the next time it happened the world sat idly by! What are we going to do the next time the evil comes?

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