20 September, 2004

What a stupid night...

things have been so up and down lately - I don't even know how to define it, or what really to do... So many days have been like today, incredibly up and deflatingly (is that a word?) down - and I can't really identify what makes it such, except for my energy...

I really want someone here tonight for me to walk with. I don't want to talk, but I wish someone was here to walk beside me, put an arm around me if I start to cry, or run down the hill with me at the park. A friend I can sit beside and have it be the best thing ever. I need someone to bounce thoughts off of, thoughts that are probably only here because I am exhausted and won't admit them when I am not tired... :-)

Oh well, another half an hour then I'll feel okay with going to bed, and, thankfully, tomorrow is another day.

Don't worry though, I'm okay, it's just a down day :-)

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