08 August, 2004

I just spent the most amazing evening with two of the most amazing women God has placed in my life... It's amazing the little things He does each day to show us His power and how He can plan things just right.

My roommates are gone for the weekend, so the room is feeling a bit big at this point in time. I was getting ready to make dinner when Lauren P. comes to the door. She is here from the East Coast for a few days. Well, Lauren P. is talking on her cell phone to Lauren H. another good friend of ours. Do I want to take Lauren P. to go get dinner with Lauren H.? Sure! Why not! I enjoy Lauren P. and I haven't seen Lauren H. in forever - so okay! Yeah!

We pick up Lauren H. and go for a cheap dinner at Taco Bell, we have great time of catching up, remembering... the two graduates were even nice enough to give me some sage advice about a professor I have in the fall... After deciding there are no movies we can agree on at the $1.50 theater, we decide to watch a movie at my place.

There is something to be said for awesome people you can sit around with, say nothing to and feel it was the best way you could have spent two hours. These are two girls I don't know that well, but have respected from a far and who have always taught me with nothing but respect. They are who they are, and I love that so much, they have so much compassion for their friends and I see between them a friendship that has developed over four years. It's so cool!

I just dropped Lauren H. off where she is staying, and left Lauren P. to work on a wedding movie at the computer lab - and, while I hate to, I better be getting to bed because tomorrow starts the wonderful 9-5.

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