05 July, 2004

The Terminal:

I just got back from "The Terminal" - a truly wonderful movie. Tom Hanks is completely believable as the displaced traveler. To recap - the basis of the movie is Tom Hanks plays Viktor, from Eastern Eupore who wants to see the Big Apple. While he is in the air there is a coup in the country and he is, in essence, a man without a country....

The immigration director (for lack of a better term), Stanley Tucci, refuses to let him leave the airport. In all reality he wants Viktor to leave on his own accord so he can arrest him and Viktor therefore becomes someone else's problem. But Viktor is too virtuous to do that... The relationship between Tucci and Hanks is one rarely seen. They play off each other almost effortlessly.

I won't give more away... But in his time in the airport Viktor runs into several enduring characters, these wallpaper characters become part of the major events. The viewer is pulled into their world, rooting for the food cart man, or almost wishing they could hate the customs agent who is only doing her job... Catherine Zeta Jones gives a true performance as a broken and stuck flight attendant, who has found her rut and cannot seem to get out of it. Hanks and Jones play well of each other...

This is a remarkable movie of people stuck. Stuck in airports, jobs, bad relationships, hiding - and the things that bind them are as numerous - fear, bitterness, etc.

I will admit I had no real desire to see this movie in the theater, and I was the youngest person there :-). But now I cannot imagine a better way to have spent the day.

This is a movie for any Tom Hanks fan. This is one of the best....

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