06 July, 2004

I'm at home waiting for my cousin to get here so we can go get coffee and I can get yet another book to add to my collection... The 4th was nothing too exciting, I hung out with my family at home. The time once again brought to my mind the differences between my sisters and me.

My sisters are married and have kids. I have chosen college and the possibility of being single for a long time. I never question my decision more than during family get togethers, I am the unknown. I am not a kid by any means, but I am not a parent - therefore I don't really fit. It's sad, because you should be able to get along with your family, and while I usually do, it's just hard when we're all together.

Driving to work today I realized that my summer is mostly over. I move back to school in a month! It's hard to think about, and even harder to realize that I have gotten nothing achieved. I had ambitions of working out with my sister, taking a pottery class with the other, staying in contact with people - but, well, time flies.

At the end of the week I am leaving for a much needed break. I am going with my cousin to her home in the mountains. We are going to hang out, cook, read and get coffee. I love the mountain town she is in and can't wait for the break... I am also excited because I get to see one of the few people who I feel truly knows me and loves me anyway. :-) You have to love those friends; the ones who tell you a guy isn't good enough, you're being over dramatic, or always seem to call at the perfect time...

Anyway, she's here so I better go. Take care!

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