29 May, 2004

Good morning!

What a beautiful day! I awoke this morning, went outside, sat at our back table, read my Bible and journaled – it was wonderful! More and more I am realizing that happiness is perception… That doesn’t mean you refuse the bad that is happening, but you don’t allow it to consume you.

This summer has been so interesting so far. I am living at home with my parents again, which is a mixed blessing. It’s hard to be on your own for two years then come and live under your parents’ roof again… Currently I am working a job here and one up in Denver – it is crazy trying to plan things and go back between the two places. Most of my friends are either in Denver or they left for the summer, I don’t have a lot of friends where I am so I am hanging out with my family a lot. I love my sisters, and realize that I am here for an unknown reason. It’ll be interesting to look back at this time later and see why things worked out the way they did.

One of my really good friends is engaged! It’s the first person my age, who I am extremely close to, that is engaged. It’s weird – I know three people already who will probably be getting married next summer! Dating, engagement, marriage – they all seem so far away for me – I can’t even really imagine them happening, and yet everywhere I look there are couples, my age, taking that step. Two people I got relatively close to this year are getting married today and I am so sad I cannot go.

Anyway – just some random thoughts for this Saturday morning.
Take care!

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