24 April, 2004

I was at chapel a few weeks ago, shortly after Spring Break. Our chaplan, Scott, was speaking and began to tell of his experience on a mission trip... He met an amazing man in Latin America who opened his eyes to what was truly important... I do not understand this quote fully - and I am amazed everything I hear stories of people who have nothing being full of God...... Can we, in America, ever truly understand this? Or, will we always be unable because of the materialism of our nation? Some say materialism is a cop-out, I say it's a distraction, and one of satan's best. For some he uses alcohol, drugs, friends, good grades, work, boredom - or stuff. Acquire more - get that house, that promotion, have 30 presents under the tree, and the biggest, most outrageous, waste of an SUV you can just so you can have a nice car... How are we expected to see God through all that?
God told the rich man to sell all he owned before he could follow Him - and the rich man couldn't. I honestly wonder if God asked you to sell everything you owned - everything of value and worth - and take off behind Him on some unknown journey - could you? Could I? I honestly think I could.
A friend of mine raised the idea one time of being able to fit all he owned into one bag so he could go whenever God called him. and I think that is the best challenge I have ever heard..... How can we be good witnesses for Christ when we are so bogged down in getting the 10 bedroom, 12 bathroom home on the hill?
© Amanda Lunday