29 February, 2004

It’s Sunday morning. I should be at church, but I have become disillusioned… The American church is nothing like it should be and that saddens me. A guy was talking in one of my classes the other day. He said that America has turned away from God and he can see our decline coming very rapidly. America won’t be a dominate force when Jesus returns, so we eventually have to stop being a dominate force in the world… And I totally agree.

“The Passion” came out this week and I saw it on Ash Wednesday. I am still trying to decide what to do with this film. There are some things I think Mel Gibson did so well and entire scenes where I think he missed the mark (Random question: is there anything Biblical to attach the adulterous woman in John 8 to Mary Magdalene?). There is sooo much hype surrounding this movie that I am almost sick of it. Yes, it’s a good movie and for some it may get them asking questions. BUT it is just one man’s interpretation of the Crucifixion and that’s all. There are flaws is this movie and if you were not a Christian when you walked into this movie you won’t be one afterwards (sorry to say it but it’s true).

I am so ready for Spring Break – two weeks! This semester has been really challenging for me. I am taking classes I love, and I’m not working (which is some of the challenge) but for the past month I have been running for a position here at CCU – the Vice President of Senate. It’s a really good position it would give me an opportunity to make some changes here at CCU I think desperately need to be made. Originally I wasn’t going to run because the person I am running against fits the mold so well. But I did and I don’t regret a moment of it. The elections are on Wednesday (thank God) and I am so ready. It’s interesting – this election should by far have been the most competitive. Last year three people were running for president and no one really cared (they were all equally unqualified if you ask me). But this year you have a three (probably two) person race of really great men. One has the experience in Student Government – he has the position I am running for this year – and he has a great heart, and an awesome vision. The other, has passion! He returned from study abroad to a group of people telling him he was going to run (he’d never considered it). So, on one hand you have the silent, yet strong leader who I think could do well with the right people behind him. On the other, you have the strong leader – the shoe in. I’m personally torn. It's a lot like my position too - which is funny.

It’s been a great learning experience. I have had to put myself out there in ways I never would have before. We had a forum on Thursday night and I think it went pretty well. I managed to hold my own and articulate my ideas clearly and with passion. I think. If there is one thing I hope to do through campaigning, win or lose, is to make people aware that there is more than one good option in this race of VP. Yet, with all that, it’s hard to sit here and think about Thursday. Part of me feels that God, very audibly, told me to run. More than once through this whole ordeal I’ve had to rely on His strength. And some times when I’ve felt I have had nothing else to give, He’s taken my hand and led me. So, I think about all that and how I am making a name for myself when I didn’t think I could – and then I wonder “Would God lead me through all this so I can lose?” It’s a horrible thought, but one I have to consider. I don’t want to lose – I feel I could do an excellent job at this, I have the calling, the passion and I can see how other opportunities that have come my way this year have shaped me for this…But what if… It’s a very interesting thing to think about what we want, or think we deserve, over the opposite. These are all very random thoughts but they are the ones that are in my head.
© Amanda Lunday