22 November, 2003

it's snowing today and i am at home with meg and we are trying to decide what to do. it's an odd restlessness - in that we want to do something, but can't decide what... we already watched finding nemo - a great movie - in my top 15 - but now we are restless yet content to stay inside until we can decide what to do.
campus is empty now - it's thanksgiving break and the smart ones have headed home. i am suppose to leave tomorrow, and i only hope i can get home....

this semester has been a regular up and down through everything - emotions, classes, friends, etc. i have been up, down, content, struggling, doing okay, and failing at everything.... God is using this time, and for what i don't know, though i will be glad when it's over and i can look back and know why.... oh how i long for that time.
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