07 November, 2003

I sat in the Music Center last night listening to this guy at my school, Keith, play the flugelhorn. It was amazing. I really don’t know how else to describe it. The whole day had been this struggling dream of responsibility, a desire to run, and the longing to go to bed forever. It was definitely odd. It all started in chapel, no, wait, it started before that in my New Testament class. I really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed yesterday. I usually love New Testament but for some reason I just could not stay awake yesterday. Then chapel came, and I thought it was going to be the same speaker we’d had earlier so I wasn’t going to go. But then my roommate told me it was going to be someone else, so I stayed. What happened was three students were asked to speak right then on the spot. It was amazing. The second guy who spoke talked about the need for a revival of loving God on our campus – and how we, as a body, don’t hunger for God with all we have… It was amazing. When CCU posts in on their site I’ll let you know. After this guy finished a girl, Amber, came up and read a poem that God had given her. It spoke of the need for girls to not lust after guys in our minds, and instead give our hearts in alabaster boxes to God. It was incredible. It described crushes as slices of the wedding cake we cut and give to boy after boy after boy beneath the table, cutting it carefully so our bridegroom will not see. Wow. That stuck me. God loves us; He loves me. He wants to pursue us and be our one passion. That blows my mind – how do you grasp something like that?
© Amanda Lunday